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We are a decade of execise physiology,
transformed into a vibrant and empowering experience.

We have united West Palm Beach's most engaging and highly-skilled instructors, committed to helping your shed your inhibitions and uncover your greatness.
We are synchronized in movement with a shared ambition: To learn. Create. Transform. Enjoy. Shift your perspective and push your limits. 

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Pole dancing has gained popularity as a form of exercise with increased awareness of the benefits to general strength and fitness. Pole Dancing increases core and general body strength by using the body itself as resistance, while toning the body as a whole.


A typical pole dance exercise regimen in class begins with warm up, strength training, dance-based moves, squats, push-ups and sit ups and gradually works its way up to the spins, climbs and inversions which are the métier of the exercise. Pole dancing also brings empowerment in students by building self confidence, physically and mentally.

If you're new to pole dancing or just daunted by the workout itself, don't fret, our instructors will give you extra attention in your first class, to ensure you feel comfortable and well on your way to your best you.


Committed to create more than just a workout, Cheeky Fitness wanted a studio that transformed Pole Fitness into an experience. A flux of intimate lighting and sound, a Cheeky Fitness session will challenge both your body and your senses.


Cheeky Fitness was born from a vision to to offer a sexier, more vibrant type of workout experience and shift the standard in group fitness. Our Founder, Michelle "Cheeky" Marton brings a wealth of experience to the table, her expertise is set to   revolutionize the face of fitness.



Although I’ve never enjoyed traditional gym, I’ve always enjoyed a great and challenging workout!


I’ve been a runner for over 30 years and am happy to be able to continue my “running life” in our Kangoo Jumps rebounding boots as they offer low impact benefits. I came across pole fitness and immediately fell in love with the dance sport! Where else can you wear cute outfits, 7 inch heels, feel great and get in shape!?!? I’ve been practicing pole dancing and rebounding for over 10 years along with other forms of
exercises we offer and not only love them because they are fun, but most importantly effective and will get you results!


When I’m not jumping or on a pole, I LOVE to spend time with my boys, Cheeky Girls and at the Beach!

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Meet Michelle


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