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How do I book and pay for class?

Click here to create your FREE account Purchase your class(es) under the "Buy Classes" tab OR go to our Online Schedule click on "Sign Up" for your desired class and then follow steps to pay online and reserve.

What do I wear to my first visit?

Wear something comfortable that won’t restrict your range of motion. A shirt or tank top, with form-fitting shorts. To start you can workout in bare feet; shoes are not required; however, wearing heels can increase the intensity of your workout, you will really feel it in your thighs and booty, helps with balance and makes you look sexier! Bring your dancing shoes in separately as outdoor shoes are not allowed in studio. No Body lotions or jewelry. Bring water and towel. Aerial Yoga: Tops that cover armpits and yoga pants. No Body Lotions or jewelry. Pole Camp: Fitted top, supportive bra, shorts or leggings. Kangoo Jumps: Supportive bra and tube socks. Sexy Flexy: Casual wear and socks.

I'm new to this, should I book an introduction class?

Yes, beginner pole class is required as a new pole client or new to our studio regardless of previous pole experience. If you have pole experience please be sure to inform us when signing up or attending your first Beginner Pole class. After class is over you will be required to do a 2-3 minute demonstration so we may evaluate and determine your skill level and decide whether you can move on to more advanced pole classes.

Do you accept walk-ins?

No, we no longer accept walk-ins. We require online reservations for all classes. Registration details are listed above. However, if you run into any issues and require assistance, kindly call us at (561) 215-9125.

My friends and I want to take a class together, can I sign them up?

That's great! However, we prefer each client create their own account and sign up individually.

Can my partner or friends come watch me in class?

No! But we hope what you learn in class you will be able to duplicate at home. Please keep in mind there are others participating in class who will not feel comfortable including our instructors. Cheeky Fitness does NOT allow spectators, visitors, children, or pets to our classes, workshops, or Pole Parties - there are no exceptions ~ please do not ask. Cheeky Fitness is a professionally run program for those who are sincere about physical fitness. It is not an "exotic" environment, and there is absolutely no nudity allowed. We do host Student Recitals a few times a year where you are welcomed to invite all your friends, family and significant others to watch and participate in the Cheeky Fitness Fun!

I am shy; who will be watching me?

The only people that will see you during the workout time are the other clients attending classes. We do not allow spectators in our classes, male, female or children. Everyone is doing the same thing, so it creates a safe and friendly environment for your workout. The programs are intended to encourage physical fitness and raise your self esteem. That's not so scary, is it?

Still shy or unsure about a Group Class?

Why not plan book your very own private session OR a "Girl's Night Out" or Pole Party with all your girlfriends? This allows you to plan anywhere from 1-2 hours of instruction on your own OR girl time with YOUR closest friends. Call us at (561) 215-9125 to see if your date is available and book your private session OR party today!

There are no classes or class times that accommodate my schedule!

We are always adding classes to our schedule. Let us know what you have in mind OR you can book a private for one on one instruction, a semi-private for you and a friend or friends. We also rent our studio out to other dance instructors who need space to host a workshop or class! Call us (561) 215-9125 and we will gladly try to accommodate your schedule as we have many options!

Are there any health or age restrictions?

Pregnant Cheeky Girls can participate in classes up to 12 weeks into their pregnancy. If you wish to continue beyond this point, please have a chat with your OBGYN and your Cheeky Instructor. The minimum age for participating in a Cheeky Fitness class is 18 years. Always consult your physician when you intend to add a new fitness regemin info your lifestyle.